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Report: NFL, NFLPA* Close On Rookie Wages

Multiple people have now come out and reported that there has been progress in negotiations today, specifically on the rookie wage scale. Jim Trotter of was the first to report it via Twitter. Mike Freeman of CBS Sports expounds on it a little bit more.

But two sources with knowledge of the negotiations say the owners made a significant concession on the rookie wage issue on Thursday afternoon. The owners made the concession. That is a huge deal if the sources are accurate.

If true, and the owners are stepping forward, then this thing could actually get done.

The sources expressed caution but both said things are increasingly positive.

We're looking at Friday as perhaps the biggest day of this mess. It could all come down to tomorrow.

If you just look at the timeline in order to have 2011 go off without missing any training camp or games, it does seem like July 15th would make a heck of a lot of since to agree to a handshake deal and have it ready to be ratified on July 21st.