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Jaguars Defense Ranked 31st vs. 3-Receiver Sets

One thing all of us can agree on is that the Jacksonville Jaguars pass defense in 2010 was beyond atrocious. Consistently, teams were able to virtually pass the ball at will against the Jaguars to career days... with ease. Of course that's hyperbole... somewhat. Football Outsiders took a look at how teams faired against the different receiver sets.

Playoff defenses had an average DVOA against 4/5WR sets of -7.1%, and an average ranking of 12.0. Non-playoff defenses, on the other hand, had an average DVOA of 18.1%, and an average ranking of 19.2. These differences between playoff and non-playoff defenses (25.2 percentage points and 7.2 ranking spots) dwarfed the differences against the other wide receiver formation groups.

Looking at that difference, where did the Jaguars rank in all that?

Twenty-third... and the Jaguars only faced 4/5 WR sets on 7% of their defensive snaps. The vast majority of the time the Jaguars faced 3-receiver sets, of which they ranked 31st in the league. Only the Denver Broncos faired worse.