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Could the Jaguars take a look at Antonio Cromartie?

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The Jacksonville Jaguars are in dire need of help in the defensive secondary. The focus of the trouble has been at the safety position, but the defensive backfield as a whole has been rather poor. Veteran Rashean Mathis' better days are behind him, clearly, and Derek Cox went through some growing pains last year being benched for a 1/4 of the season. While both players are still solid, with Cox's arrow pointing up, the cornerback position for the Jaguars isn't settled.

Could someone like New York Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie be an under-the-radar target for the Jaguars?

On Sirus XM Blitz with Adam Schein, Antonio Cromartie listed the Jacksonville Jaguars as a possible destination in free agency.

@AdamSchein: Cromartie lists Jets, Houston, Tampa, Seattle, Dallas, Jags, Raiders, and Arizona as potential landing spots.

I know immediately some of you are instantly thinking "No, not a Gene guy," but I think that's too rash. As far as I can recall, the only off field trouble Cromartie has had is the lack of um... "preventative measures". Injecting a player of Cromartie's talent into the Jaguars secondary would be exceedingly helpful. He's one of the top corners in the NFL, and given his size and athleticism could potentially even play free safety down the line if push came to shove.

I don't think it's coincidence Cromartie made mention of the Jacksonville Jaguars as a possible destination, either.