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Jaguars 2010 Film Review: Week 6 vs Titans (Second Half)

This game was already over. The towel was thrown in. Down 17-0 at halftime isn't bad, but couple it with your starting quarterback injured, replaced by a guy they signed only 2 weeks before, and nothing was going to improve. Fans left the stadium by the end of the 3rd quarter. I also forgot to mention in the first half analysis that safety Anthony Smith was traded two days before this game, so the safety carousel kept on turning. Immediately to start the second half, Trent Edwards throws an interception to rookie Vincent Fuller. A fundamental error, he waited way too late to throw a hitch route and it was jumped easily. Nothing changed the rest of the game, except the magnitude of the Titan's lead. A couple field goals by Rob Bironas made it 23-3, and a late garbage time 35 yard td by Chris Johnson put the exclamation point on the game, making the final score 30-3. A demoralizing loss all around, and questions swirled immediately as to the status of David Garrard's injury. Fortunately, he would recover and be prepared to start two games later. Every fundamental aspect of the team was outplayed, and it showed. A terrible showing on national television, I know after this game I pondered how good this team could be when they could play this bad in all their losses. This team still had questions that had to be answered. After 6 weeks, the team was 3-3. I predicted before the season started this team would go 8-8, and through six games, their inconsistencies would show they play only .500 football. 

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