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Today is *insert cliche here* on the NFL Labor Front

I couldn't decide which cliche to use to describe today in regards to NFL CBA negotiations. D-Day? I have relatives that were in World War II, so I feel kind of guilty using that. Judgement Day? Last thing I want is e-mails about religion. So, pick whatever "last stand" cliche you want to use, and that's what today is in the labor front.

The NFLPA* didn't vote to approve the deal, as most reporters expected them to yesterday. Do not panic however, because all that really matters is things get finished today. "It doesn't impact it at all," Pash said of the players not voting today. "We're going to continue to work with the players. We'll find out if there are issues that still need to be negotiated, and we're going to work cooperatively with them through the evening and try to have something in place that both sides can vote on tomorrow morning."

The reality of the situation is: As long as everything is voted on and passed today (as expected), there shouldn't be anything meaningful missed and full fledged free agency would start within the next 7-10 days. I'm sure we'll here a lot today about some negotiating that still needs to be done, the fact that two of the plaintiffs named on the anti-trust suit (Vincent Jackson and Logan Mankins) want a $10 million settlement. You'll hear how the sides are still far apart and disagreeing, but fret not. This will get hammered out.

I promise guys.