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NFL Lockout Update: NFLPA* Might Vote Today on CBA, Might Not

Late afternoon yesterday, the NFL owners voted 31-0 to ratify a new CBA deal pending the approval of the NFLPA*. Many felt this was a power move my the owners, especially holding a press conference announcing the deal and acting like the lockout was over. Immediately after, we saw a stream of angry tweets from players and reports that the players were upset.

This is where the confusion began, at least for me. There were some players who tweeted "Yay the lockout is over," then there were some who said it was a bad deal and the owners slipped in provisions at the last minute to try and steam roll the players. Then you had players saying it wasn't a bad deal amidst players and reports saying the NFLPA representatives haven't even seen the proposal yet.

Simply put: The NFLPA* wants to review and explain the proposed 10-year deal to it's clients, which is to be expected before signing off on it. The problem with this simple step however, is the over aggressive reports that the lockout was over when the owners ratified their proposal. It seemed as if everyone expected the players to just go "Alright. Approved," instantly.

After the whirlwind and cluster-word-I-can't-print last night on the NFL labor front, the NFLPA* might vote today to ratify a deal. They also might not. DeMaurice Smith and Roger Goodell were on the phone for much of the day yesterday before the owners approved the deal, so I tend to think this will get pushed through after everything is explained to the players by DeMaurice Smith.