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Teams Could Start Free Agency Negotiations on Saturday

Gregg Rosenthall of points out an interesting twist, if and when the new CBA is ratified by the players.

We've known all along that teams would have a window after the lockout is lifted to re-sign their own players. That's in the deal. We didn't know that teams would be able to talk to any free agent they choose during the period.

This effectively eliminates the possibility of tampering, but in my opinion it also virtually negates the 72-hour "exclusive" period in which teams can sign their own unrestricted free agents. If it's possible to negotiate with all free agents in this time period, but not actually sign them, does it put the teams looking to keep their own at a significant disadvantage?

To me, it means agents can parlay offers from other teams into driving up the price for the team looking to retain the player.

We know the players haven't ratified the CBA yet. But we also know DeMaurice Smith and his executive committee negotiated and accepted these terms or they wouldn't be part of the package. It's player-friendly and these terms will be part of the agreement when it happens.

So... theorhetically the Jacksonville Jaguars could begin negotiating with safety Eric Weddle tomorrow at 2:00PM (if a deal is approved), but couldn't actually sign him until Wednesday at midnight. So Gene... just keep telling Weddle's agent you'll sign him for what the San Diego Chargers offer... plus $1 million.