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NFL Wants to Drop 3rd QB Designation, Expand Active Roster to 46

Part of the proposed CBAthat the owners have approved has conditions to expand the active game day roster from 45 to 46 players. Also in the proposed deal, is the elimination of the 3rd quarterback designation. This means that teams are free to play their 3rd string quarterback whenever they please, and still put their starter and back up back into the game. Previously, if the 3rd string quarterback entered the game prior to the 4th quarter, the starter and 2nd string quarterback could not re-enter the game.

In 2011, the lack of a third-quarterback designation could be helpful for teams with third-string quarterbacks who are running threats: Now the third-stringer could be inserted as a wildcat quarterback for a play or two and then be replaced by the starter. That could be worth considering for whatever team selects Terrelle Pryor in the supplemental draft.

I think by and large it won't change much, but it does allow for some interesting twists by certain teams.