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Glazer: NFL, NFLPA agree to terms on new CBA

Again, stop me if you've heard this before but.... Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reported early this morning that the NFL and NFLPA have agreed to terms on a new CBA. We've heard all weekend that there were minor issues that needed to be worked out and it sounds like they have. Glazer has been one of the few reporters who's stay completely out of the lockout coverage, so his report carries a bit more weight for me.

I said I wouldn't jump in til they agreed... They've FINALLY agreed! Sources say 2 sides this hour FINALLY agree to terms of new CBA. According to terms, timeline sooner than previously reported. Facilities open Tuesday, camp starts Thursday for 10 teams, Friday for 10, weekend for 12.

Glazer also reports a different timeline than previously reported. It looks like the teams would open their facilities earlier. There are also some unconfirmed reports that the NFLPA would prefer free agency to begin immediately. I would be inclined to agree with the NFLPA, just for the sheer fact that along with the free agency chaos, new team members would literally be showing up as camp was going on.