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Matt Waldman on Blaine Gabbert

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I saw Matt Waldmen talking about some rookies and what he thought they'd be as a pro on twitter, so I decided to hit him up on his thoughts about Jacksonville Jaguars rookie quarterback Blaine Gabbert. If you're not familiar with Waldman, he does very very nice rookie portfolios and does some very comprehensive rookie analysis for The Rookie Scouting Portfolio, which I highly recommend.

Click the jump to see what Waldman had to say about the Jaguars rookie.

I think Gabbert has the most promise of the 2011 rookie quarterback class. The two criticisms I've heard most frequently about Gabbert is that he played in a short-passing, spread attack and that he overreacts to pressure. I believe the criticism about the offense is overblown. I saw plenty of instances on tape where Gabbert demonstrated strong skills in the intermediate and deep passing game.

In fact, I felt Gabbert was always a more natural fit in a pro style offense. Although his mistakes have been well-documented, his ability to buy time with his legs and make big-time throws on the move has not been as widely discussed. It should have been, because I think Gabbert has two qualities that a player like Ryan Mallett lacks. The first is the mobility. The second is that I believe Gabbert is adept at making aggressive plays that stay just behind the line of reckless whereas Mallett frequently crosses that line.

If the Jaguars are patient enough to sit Gabbert this year I believe they have a chance to develop a quarterback who has the base ability to become the best passer in team history.

To hear more from Matt Waldman, you can follow him on twitter at @MattWaldman or read The Rookie Scouting Portfolio.