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Bad Break for Undrafted Free Agents

I have talked before about the hardship undrafted free agents will see during this unique offseason. We noted that in the new CBA, camp rosters would be upped by 10 spots from 80 to 90, which would seem like a bone being thrown to undrafted guys, allowing for more roster spots. According to Bob McGinn of the Milwuakee Journal, the ability to throw a nice signing bonus to secure some UDFA's is virtually gone.

The undrafted players could also take a hit financially, like their rookie classmates at the very top of the draft.

Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel writes that the CBA will limit teams to a $75,000 signing bonus limit for their entire undrafted class.

"Probably won't see $20,000 signing bonuses for rook free agents anymore," McGinn opines.

 Limiting the total a team can offer as bonuses for UDFA just seems completely nonsensical. There's got to be a better way to save money, somewhere.