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Which UDFA Wide Receivers Could the Jaguars Target?

One of the position that remains somewhat of an unknown is the Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver corps. I've long believed that the Jaguars would look for a "big body" wide receiver in the 2011 NFL Draft class. Outside of Kassim Osgood, the Jaguars really don't have a "big body" receiver on their roster. The Jaguars obviously didn't draft one, but there are some attractive players who went undrafted I could see the Jaguars targeting. Mocking The Draft took a look at the top undrafted wide receivers, and a few I think will be on the Jaguars radar.

DeAndre Brown | 6'6, 231 pounds | Southern Mississippi
Few players look the part better than Brown. At the beginning of his college football career, he looked like one of the best players in the nation. But injuries and issues about his attitude and effort caused him to go undrafted. His potential, though, is incredible.

Tori Gurley | 6'4, 230 pounds | South Carolina
A large-sized slot receiver who lacks speed and has to utilize his size to get open. Gets off the line well because he can handle the jam. Strong after the catch.

I'd also throw FAU's Lester Jean as a name I think they'll target as well. He's a bit of a raw prospect you might be able to stash on the practice squad for a year, but he's got a natural catching ability and knows how to use his 6'3" frame to sheild off defenders.