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NFL Free Agency Update: Teams Can Begin Signing Players July 26th

Well, already there's new information about the NFL's unrestricted free agency. Previously I pointed out that teams could begin negotiating with urestricted free agents tomorrow, but Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting that teams can actually sign players beginning tomorrow, but the contracts would not go into effect until August 2nd. Also, teams can begin trade talks as early as this afternoon and any trades made would not be official until Saturday.

Filed to ESPN: Latest timeline for getting NFL back in business - subject to approval by the NFLPA. Here are the details: Teams can sign their free agents this afternoon. Teams can begin talking to UFAs this afternoon. Teams can sign UFAs tomorrow at noon. Teams can begin talking trades this afternoon. Any trade made would not become official until Saturday. Teams can begin signing UFAs tomorrow at noon. Those contracts would not take effect until Aug 2.

 This week is going to be even crazier than I initially thought. I need to take a few days off just to cover all of this mess.