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NFL Timeline for this week

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Now that the lockout is over there will be an incoming pandemonium of activity from team's as they prepare to do free agency, undrafted free agency, trades and begin training camp all at once. Pro Football Talk has provided a timeline showing how this week's activity will work:

NFL will publish list of free agents

Team facilities will open and be available to players
Trades can begin
10 AM ET - Teams can sign drafted and undrafted rookies.
10 AM ET - Teams can begin negotiations with all restricted, unrestricted and exclusive free agents, as well as all franchised players. However, these players cannot be signed.

Continue after the jump to read the schedule for the rest of the week:

4:01 PM ET - Teams may waive or terminate player contracts

6:00 PM ET - Teams may begin signing contracts with any players. That includes renegotiating contracts, their own free agents or franchise players and other team's free agents or franchise players.