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2011 NFL Free Agency: Jaguars Open Thread

Free agency will start in about 5 minutes. Teams cannot officially sign players until Friday, but they can begin talking to and negotiating with free agents. I'd expect some visits to be allowed as well, as teams will need to do physicals and the like before the offer to players. The Jaguars currently don't have any restricted free agents that they tendered or any players that they hold the right of first refusal to. Not including the undrafted free agents the Jaguars have already signed, they will need to sign about 23 players total (not including draft picks) to reach the 90 player training camp roster limit. They may not reach it, as it's not required, but I expect the Jaguars to move fast and furious in free agency.

Discuss everything Jaguars free agency right here. As I hear about visits or potential signings, I will update the main page with a seperate story.