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Jaguars pick up UDFA WR Armon Binns.. and a punter.

The Jacksonville Jaguars haven't slowed down their UDFA pick ups now that they can officially begin negotiating with unrestricted free agents. According to sources, the Jaguars have reached an agreement with Cincinatti wide receiver Armon Binns.

Binns has good size for the receiver position at 6'3 and about 210 pounds. He's not overtly fast, but he is very fluid catching the football and knows how to use his body to make catches. He has very good ball skills, knowing how to time his jumps and go up for the football. He was very productive for the Bearcats, being the less "flashy" of their wide receivers. He reminds me a bit of a faster Ernest Wilford, but better hands.

Hopefully Adam Stites and Armon's mom can make up.

The Jaguars also picked up former All-ACC punter from Virginia Tech, Brian Saunders. LOOK OUT ADAM PODLESH HE'S COMING FOR YOU.

Seriously though, team usually carry two punters in camp.