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Jaguars Showing Interest in S Dawan Landry

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According to Dion Caputi of NFL Draft Update, there's rumors that the Jacksonville Jaguars have shown interest in former Baltimore Ravens safety Dawan Landry. Landry is only 28 years old, so he's at that right age for a free agent pick up, and has been the starting safety opposite Ed Reed for the past six seasons. It's thought that Baltimore would like to retain him, but Jacksonville is apparently interested.

Looking like Ravens S Dawan Landry is getting big interest from Jaguars. Jacksonville will most likely will be Landry new home.

I can't confirm any interest as it stands, but it wouldn't be surprising. Tania Ganuli tweeted earlier this morning she didn't think Eric Weddle and the Jaguars was going to happen, as well as mentioning Landry, and Adam Stites mentioned Plan B yesterday. Landry is an experienced safety that comes from a good defense. He could be an upgrade immediately at the safety position if he is actually signed. Landry was also linked to the Jaguars by Jason LaCanfora.