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NFL Free Agency: Jaguars could target Posluszny

Not really surprising, but former Buffalo Bills linebacker Paul Posluszny could be a target for the Jacksonville Jaguars in free agency. John Oesher of and CBSSports Rapid Reports points out he's a likely target in free agency.

An unrestricted free agent with whom the Jaguars have been strongly associated is LB Paul Posluszny (Buffalo). Entering his fifth NFL season, he fits the Jaguars' preferred FA profile of a young, developing player. The Jaguars have a strong need at LB.

Poslusny has been a player Jaguars fans have mentioned quite a bit as a target. He would be an instant upgrade on the Jaguars defense at MLB or OLB. If the plan is still to potentially bring back veteran Kirk Morrisonon a short term deal, the ability of the Jaguars linebacking corps would improve a good deal. Posluszny has said he will test the free agent market, so it shouldn't be a surprised the Jaguars are suitors.