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NFL Free Agency: Jaguars could target Clint Session

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Along with possible cross hairs on Buffalo Bills linebacker Paul Posluszny, the Jacksonville Jaguars could also target Indianapolis Colts linebacker Clint Session. The Colts are going to have to get creative with their salary cap in regards to re-signing Peyton Manning, so a player like Session could have to look elsewhere. John Oesher of and CBS Sports Rapid Reports singles out Clint Session as a possible target.

Another unrestricted free agent who may interest the Jaguars: LB Clint Session of Indianapolis. The Jaguars are looking to sign at least one starter at the position, and Session is an aggressive, improving player who should be able to contribute immediately.

Session reminds me a bit of Mike Peterson, another outside linebacker the Jaguars poached from the Colts when he was allowed to hit free agency. Session has been a very good player for the Colts, but he would offer an upgrade to the Jaguars linebacking corps.