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Report: Jaguars Agree to Terms With Paul Posluszny

After lots of speculation, it's about as official as it can get right now. Jason LaCanfora of NFL Network reports that the Jacksonville Jaguars have signed linebacker Paul Posluszny.

LB Paul Posluszny agrees to 6 year deal with the Jags. Bills fought hard to keep him. Hard for him to leave, but chance to play in a 4-3. Was a big factor for him. Was very difficult for him to leave Buffalo.

As LaCanfora reports, the deal is for 6 (six) years. There are no details yet on the money of the deal, but I will update the story with the details when they're reported. With the signing of Posluszny, I'm not sure if Kirk Morrison will be back with the Jaguars. I would assume Posluszny would man the middle linebacker position, and I'm not sure that Morrison can play on the outside. I'd expect the Jaguars to look for another starting linebacker.