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Jaguars Practice with the Falcons on August 17th

When the training camp schedule for the Jacksonville Jaguars was released, many fans were curious if the Atlanta Falcons would come to town and hold a multi-team practice. Last season, the Jaguars traveled up to Flowery Branch, where the Falcons hold their training camp. Turns out, the Falcons will repay the favor.

The Falcons will also practice with the Jacksonville Jaguars on August 17 -- that's a road practice, after the Jags traveled to Flowery Branch last year. No New England Patriots or any other teams on the schedule this time around.

Unfortunately, these practices will not be open to the public and I won't be in town, I'll be in Iowa. It's unfortunate however, because of the lockout that the Falcons couldn't come for more than just a day. I'm sure Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times-Union will keep us on the up and up on what goes down during these joint practices, which I'm sure will be very light under the new rules.