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Vito Stellino Explains Revenue Sharing, Impact on Jaguars

Florida Times-Union reporter Vito Stellino, through a series of machine gun tweets, explained the new revenue sharing plan and how it effects a team like the Jacksonville Jaguars. Here's what he had to say, modified a tad:

Congrats to Peter King for reporting in SI that the 55-45-40 plan that led to labor peace was the brainchild of league treasurer Joe Siclare. He came up with it after the mediator told them they needed a new idea because they were talking past each other. The implications of this are staggering. Owners actually locked them out with no viable plan the union would accept to end it. Their basic plan was that the union would cave after missing regular season paychecks, which would have been a disaster for the league.

The keys are that the players get 55 per cent of the TV revenue and only 40 per cent of local revenue. That's good for big market teams because they keep 60 percent of their local revenue, but it's also big for the small market teams. It means the local revenue of big market teams won't raise the salary cap as much for the small market teams. That means small market teams like the Jags can survive long term as long as they fill their stadiums. For Jags, that won't be easy. But at least there is now a viable model for the small market teams to compete with the big market teams. So now selling tickets for a team like the Jags is now more important. They think they can avoid blackouts and the next 2 weeks should tell. This means if Jags don't stay in Jacksonville, the fans have nobody to blame but themselves.