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Jaguars Training Camp: This Gabbert Guy is Pretty Good

The Jacksonville Jaguars took the field again this evening in front of a crow of roughly 1,300 fans. The was an Arena League playoff game tonight and it looked like rain before practice, so I think that's why the crowd wasn't as big as Thursday. As far as practice, from what I could tell the only players that didn't participate were the usual suspects of Maurice Jones-Drew and Aaron Kampman, plus offensive lineman Kevin Haslam didn't participate but I'm not sure why.

I missed some of the individual drills because we got word that the Jaguars had signed cornerback Drew Coleman and we were trying to figure out the details and what he'd done the previous year with the New York Jets. As for actual practice, well click the jump.

A few notes for those who will be attending practices: Linebacker Kyle Bosworth has switched from number 51 to 56, as Paul Posluszny will be taking over 51. Also, rookie cornerback Rod Issac has switched from 26 to 6 for training camp, as Dawan Landry will be wearing number 26 when he signs, likely tomorrow.

The Good:


  • Rookie quarterback Blaine Gabbert. It's only one practice, but Gabbert looked very, very good tonight. He made at least 4-5 "wow" throws. He hit rookie wide receiver Jamar Newsome down the seam for a long completion. On another play, Gabbert hit rookie tight end Tommy Gallarda down the seam, hitting him right in stride. Gabber made about 2-3 more of these throws throughout 11x11 and 7x7 drills. He was nearly picked off once on a short cross by rookie safety Matt Estrada, but outside of that he looked very good.
  • Rookie wide receiver Cecil Shorts continues to impress. He looks like the perfect slot receiver, very smooth in and out of his breaks and showing nice hands.
  • Undrafted rookie Marc Sheichl looks like he could have a chance to stick on the roster. Albeit, it's without pads, he shows some good burst off the line of scrimmage.
  • I might be developing a bit of a camp crush on defensive end Aaron Morgan. He clearly added some weight this season, but didn't lose any of his explosive. He's a big kind of tweener defensive end, but he can get off the line of scrimmage.

The Bad, or I should say Rusty:


  • I added the "or I should say Rusty" because David Garrard wasn't necessarily bad in practice. He did make two poor throws in 11x11 drills. On one, Jason Hill had David Jones beat on a route and all Garrard need to do was throw it in front of Hill for an easy touchdown, but he wound up missing and throwing the ball behind him. On another play, Garrard tried to throw a fade to the sideline but put too much air under it and it was almost picked off by Chris Prosinski.
  • Tight end Zach Miller still has a cask of the dropsies. He dropped at least 3 more passes that he should have caught today, which can only help Marcedes Lewis in contract negotiations.
  • Safety Don Carey was seemingly knocked down the "training camp depth chart" after only a day of practice. Rookie Chris Prosinski was in his spot at free safety with the first team defense. When Dawan Landry and Courtney Greene are allowed to practice however, I expect them to be the starters.

The Ugly


  • There wasn't really anything ugly at camp today. The practices aren't really all that up tempo yet, but through the weekend I'm sure we'll see some ugly.