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Session: "I was looking to go somewhere I would be appreciated"

Newly signed Jacksonville Jaguars outside linebacker Clint Session was hanging out at the practice fields last night. Due to the new CBA, unrestricted free agents cannot practice with their teams until August 4th, or when the union re-certifies and hashes out some union details with the league (i.e. drug testing, etc.). Session is allowed however to "watch" practice and go to meetings.

We were allowed to speak with Session after practice and pick his brain about about why he chose Jacksonville.

"I'm a Florida guy, it always puts an extra chip on your shoulder defending your state," Session said about being a Jaguar now instead of a Colt. Session is from Pompano Beach, Florida. "I remember coming in these stands watching in middle school and high school."

Session seems excited to come and play for the Jaguars linebacking corps and having some big defensive tackles in front of him that he never got to have in Indianapolis, as their defensive tackles are typically undersized. "Im looking forward to playing with Daryl Smith and having big Knighton in front of me. We haven't had beef like that in Indy ever man. It's going to be fun to be able to fly around and do some hitting."

Session said the Jaguars were clearly at the top of his list, "I had two teams in my mind I was interested in, Jacksonville was definitely number one on my list. I was looking to go somewhere where I was going to be utilized and be appreciated for what I bring to the game."

"It's going to be different going against MJD and not trying to hurt him," Session said about being on a new team. He's clearly hungry to practice and play, citing the fact that he missed much of last season because of his injury.

The Indianapolis Colts typically don't hang on to linebackers and consistently re-draft and replace them. "Everybody wants to be the guy who makes the difference in Indianapolis and say they're going to sign me, and they didn't," Session said about that trend for the Colts. "One man's trash is another man's treasure."

I asked Session if being able to play the Colts twice a year was a big motivating factor for him to put the Jaguars at the top of his list. "That's the extra edge I have on my shoulder, I'm going to be circling those games and looking forward to them every year."