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Where Should Jones-Drew Be Drafted?

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As we all know Jones-Drew says he would take himself first overall in fantasy drafts this year given the chance but even as a biased Jaguars’ fan, I can’t bring myself to do that.  Over the course of this series I will be revealing who I think should be taken before him until we reach MoJo himself.  To start things off, I have to go with Adrian Peterson.

He has been the most consistent fantasy back since he’s come into the league in 2007 and should continue to be this year.  Since his start in the league four years ago Peterson has the most rushing yards and touchdowns with 5,782 and 52 respectively.  He has also recorded at least 1,200 yards and 10 touchdowns for the first four years of his career so far joining the elite company of only Eric Dickerson, Earl Campbell, and LaDanian Tomlinson.  The fact that he’s been near the top of his position year after year at a position where players come and go is an amazing fete for Peterson. 

With the Vikings pickup of a quality starting quarterback in Donovan McNabb, that is a plus for Peterson also.  He’s always been able to produce with, to put it lightly, mediocre quarterback play outside of Favre’s one miraculous season there.  McNabb isn’t what he used to be but I think he can still produce at a high enough level where he can put enough pressure on defenses to make them respect the passing game and take some of the ease off of Peterson.  Defenses won’t be able to stack the box against Peterson nearly as much as they would have been able to if they were going to be relying on a Joe Webb or Christian Ponder.

Last year he was also able to shed some of his not so flattering labels.  He has always had the problem of not being able to hold onto the ball but last year he finally overcame that and only let go of the ball once so hopefully he can continue with that trend this year.  He has also always carried a reputation of being injury prone but that is one that is undeserved.  He has never failed to play in less than 14 games every year of his career.

Reliability and safety is what you want from your early picks and there is no one who better fits that bill than Adrian Peterson.