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Jaguars Training Camp: Gabbert Comes Back to Earth

The Jacksonville Jaguars got back to the practice fields last night, donning shells for the first time since practice before the final game last year. The usual suspects weren't practicing fully, Aaron Kampman and Maurice Jones-Drew. Each did a few of the positional group drills, but other than that didn't really participate.

Some of the new Jacksonville Jaguars signings were in attendance at practice last night. Newly signed safety Dawan Landry and cornerback Drew Coleman were both out on the field, but not participating. Many feel that unrestricted free agents, etc. will be able to practice Monday as long as everything goes as planned with the NFLPA and the few things left to negotiate before the CBA is ratified.

Now, on to camp.

The Good:


  • Jaguars quarterback David Garrard rebounded from two days of so-so showings by finishing strong last night. Early on in the two-minute drill, Garrard led the offense to about the 25-yard line, but the drive stalled from there after Garrard missed badly on three consecutive throws. He was also picked by linebacker Alvin Bowen in the next set of redzone drills. I had to duck out of camp early to work on a scoop (That Tania pushed out before me, gar.) and missed the final team drills. I am told however, that Garrard shined in the final drills, including a 45-yard bomb to tight end Zach Miller.
  • Cecil Shorts continues to impressed at wide receiver. I can't recall seeing him drop a pass yet.
  • Rookie safety Chris Prosinski is a player the staff is apparently high on, I'm told. He's working with the first unit for right now, taking over for Don Carey. I think that's a combination of liking Prosinski and Carey not playing all that well. One thing is for sure, Prosinski is fast.

The Bad:


  • After a stellar practice on Friday night, rookie quarterback Blaine Gabbert came back down to earth. In the two-minute drill, Gabbert was nearly picked off on two consecutive plays by rookie Rod Issac and another defensive back. On the next play however, Gabbert hit Cecil Shorts down the seam for about a 25-yard gain to get in the redzone. Gabbert overshot John Mathews, then got a ball right over Rod Issac's outstretched hands to John Matthews again, who dropped the ball.
  • Not necessarily a "bad" but wide receiver Tiquan Underwood has been virtually invisible from what I can recall. In my opinion he's fighting for a roster spot, but has yet to flash.
The Jaguars will be in full pads tonight at 7:00 PM for the Oklahoma Drill.