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Around the AFC South

Not Using The Empty Backfield This Year Will Yield Problems. - Music City Miracles
Not necessarily a statement of fact, but I have a hunch that this could be the case. Recently, we all learned something that most of us already knew: the Tennessee Titans were not good at moving the football last year, especially out of an empty backfield set.

Behind The Mask: Eric Winston - Battle Red Blog
The following is part whatever in a series of posts where our top writers for the Battle Red Onion tag along with our favorite players for the Houston Texans to learn about their lives away from the football field. The content is raw, unedited, leaves us open to lawsuits, and will probably land us all in jail. But it's a risk worth taking so we can learn more about the men behind the mask.

Mailbag: On Texans' D, Jaguars WRs and CJ - AFC South Blog - ESPN
Ryan from parts unknown writes: Hey Paul, check the blog at least twice a day. I've been wondering why no one sees the Jags pursuing a receiver in the Free Agency. I understand why Plax, Ocho, TO and Moss are scary for such a young team but what about say a Braylon Edwards? All talks look like the Jets are going to part ways with him, and he'd certainly be able to stretch the field, even if he's got inconsistent hands. Think it'd be a good investment?

2010 Colts Defense: How Much Better Were They At Home? - Stampede Blue
Last week, Colts DE Dwight Freeney was on NFL Network, and he talked about how the Colts defense was "inconsistent" last season. After reading about what he said, it got me re-thinking about something that I noticed during the season last year: The Colts Defense looked like two completely different teams when they played inside Lucas Oil Stadium, and when they played on the road. Is that really the inconsistency Freeney was referring to, because it seemed obvious to me watching the games.

Jacksonville Jaguars Wide Receiver Jason Hill is a Good Wild Card to Have | Jaguars 101
The Jacksonville Jaguars acquired receiver Jason Hill midway through the 2010 season. He displayed plenty of potential but can he keep it up in 2011?