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Jaguars 2010 Film Review: Week 4 vs Colts (Second Half)

Halftime: 14-14. You're Jack Del Rio. What do you say to your players? Do you tell the offense to keep it up, going 2/2 on offensive drives with two touchdowns? What's the formula, a heavy dose of running to seal the game, or stretch the defense early in the second half? Do you tell the defense to get its act together after giving up 2 demoralizing, long drives that ended in touchdowns and not giving our offense any chances to pull ahead? Do you call out David Jones and say if he doesn't step up he's going to give up double digit catches to Reggie Wayne and he's beating you like a drum every time? Do you tell the defensive line to step up their game so Peyton Manning doesn't have 10 seconds every play to dissect the defense? I know I'd say one thing: "you hear the crowd out there? If not for me, do it for them. You've been the better team in this game, now go out and show it and finish it how you started it. Dominate on 3: 1-2-3-Dominate."

3rd Quarter

  • A disappointing 3 and out to start the second half on offense. Not what the fans were looking for. The Colts quickly take advantage. A couple passes to Austin Collie (so pesky) and Joseph Addai for 14 yards, and 5 yards respectively, gives that "hear we go again defense" feeling. The offense moves too easily into the red zone. But, a play is made by that bend but not break defense I know so well: Manning drops back, throws a beautiful ball to tight end Brody Eldridge right into the end zone, but he gets demolished by Gerald Alexander, and Anthony Smith makes a whimsical interception, catching the loose ball on his ankle and the defense gets the turnover.
  • On a 3rd and 4, a nice curl by Mike Thomas nets a 13 yard gain. Those safe passing routes on 3rd down is what I like to see by the Jaguar offense, not anything too fancy. A run by Jones-Drew followed by a bootleg by David Garrard, in which he slips out of a Dwight Freeney sack and escapes for 7 yards and a 1st down puts the offense right inside the Colts 20 yard line. On the following play, David Garrard drops back, steps up in the pocket, and delivers a laser to Marcedes Lewis for 20 yards in the touchdown. I can't possibly describe what a great throw it was, literally between 3 Colt defenders. Absolutely perfect throw, 21-14 Jaguars.
  • Another Colt drive that moves quickly. Passes to Reggie Wayne of 15 yards, 7 yards, and 9 yards leads us to the fourth quarter with Peyton Manning driving.

4th Quarter This was a wild one

  • On a 3rd and 1, Joseph Addai runs for 6 yards, but rolls his ankle on the play and gets pretty shaken up. Next play, Jeremy Mincey gets a great sack on Peyton Manning (finally the guy gets hit) in which he beats a pulling guard like a drum and easily gets the edge. The next play, the bend but not break defense shows up again. A routine pass to Reggie Wayne for 9 yards turns into a big play as he gets leveled going up the sideline by David Jones and Anthony Smith, coughing up the football in the process and Gerald Alexander recovering the loose ball and turning up the field all the way to the Colt 48 yard line. Is this where the offense pulls away?
  • Not exactly. Despite great field position, the offense does nothing and Adam Podlesh pins the Colt offense at their own 3 yard line with a beautiful punt. Of course, this doesn't affect Manning. Immediately, a play-action pass to Reggie Wayne over the middle of Cover 2 nets 21 yards. Of course, passes to Wayne of 12, 18, and 10 yards highlight a drive where Peyton Manning just dropped back every play and picked apart the defense like a surgeon, with such precision. On 3rd and Goal from the Jaguar 2, an unexpected draw to Joseph Addai punctuates the drive with an easy touchdown to tie the game 21-21.
  • The offense steps up to the challenge. A kick return by Tiquan Underwood to the 40 yard line gives the offense a short field. Short plays to get first downs, coupled with a late hit penalty by Jacob Lacey gets the Jaguars closer and closer to the end zone. On 3rd and 2 from the Indianapolis 3, a false start makes it 3rd and 7 from the 8 yard line.  As the play starts, I diagnose it as a zone by the Colts' defense. Maurice Jones-Drew slips out of the backfield between two linebackers and gets an easy pass from Garrard for a touchdown. 28-21 Jaguars.
  • The Colts answer once again. Or should I say the defense falls apart again? David Jones drops an easy interception immediately to start the drive, an over-the-shoulder catch he should have had but did not complete the act of catching it, the ball coming out as he makes contact with the ground. The defense puts the Colts on their heels forcing a 4th and 10, but on that play Dallas Clark is completely uncovered on a blitz and the offense converts and is approaching midfield. A pass to Reggie Wayne the next play (David Jones bit on the double move again) all the way to the JAX 7 looks bad. 3rd and goal from the JAX 1: a quick out to Collie ties the game easy as his assigned defender gets picked on a rub play where Reggie Wayne sets him wide open. 28-28 with :48 seconds left. 
  • History is made. Ball at the 22 yard line with :42 seconds left and one timeout. CBS says the target is the 42 yard line (don't know how they cam up with that since Scobee had never hit one from that deep). A surprising run by Jones-Drew for 8 yards to the 31 causes the Colts to use a timeout thinking the usual Jaguars would lay over and go to overtime. Not the case. A curl to Underwood for a first down puts the ball at the Jaguar 37 with :17 seconds left. The play is made that made the win possible. David Garrard throws a beautiful corner route to Underwoode for 22 yards to the Colts' 42 yard line as well as gets both feet in bounds and stops the clock. David drops back the next play, tries to throw the ball away and nearly throws an easy interception that's dropped. 
  • 5 seconds left at the Indianapolis Colts' 42 yard line: Josh Scobee comes in for the win. Gets a huge leg into the kick, and it seems like the ball sails forever and time is stopped as you watch it in the stadium with 65,000 other people praying it goes in, and it does. Chaos ensues, hysteria all around, and the Jaguars are 2-2, 1-0 in the division, and all is right in the world after another last-minute win by Scobee over the Colts. 

Reggie Wayne had 15 catches for 196 yards, the Jaguars had 174 rushing yards, Manning threw for 348 yards, but who cares about stats? When the Jaguars win, in this puzzling yet amazing fashion, I throw out most stats for a one game analysis.