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BREAKING: 8th Circuit Court Rules the NFL Lockout is Legal, Y'all.

While the negotiations between the NFLPA* and the NFL were slowly making progress by all accounts, and a handshake deal leading to a new CBA looking like it was on the horizon... the 8th Circuit Court had ruled that the NFL Lockout is LEGAL.

From Daniel Kaplan of the Sports Business Journal via Twitter:

The 8th Circuit has ruled ruled unexpectedly. Bye is dissenting from decision,suggesting it will be NFL favorable,just my guess before reading. Wow, can't believe this is coming out now. 8TH Circuit over rules lower court decision enjoining lockout.

It will remain to be seen how this will effect negotiations that were going well, but I assume this throws all of the power in the hands of the NFL owners, given the fact that they can now legally lockout the season. I wonder, does this mean the Brady vs. NFL Anti-Trust cast is basically void... ?

UPDATE: Looks like this just means the lockout is legal and still on, as it has been.