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Jim Trotter: "Look for a CBA agreement by the middle of next week"

With all the up and down of the CBA negotiation roller coaster, there a snippits of actual information. With the surpising, at least by timing, ruling of the 8th Circuit Court in favor of the NFL owners making the lockout official legal,'s Jim Trotter expressed some hope for a new CBA around the corner via Twitter.

Anyone who believes the 8th circuit ruling is a leverage shift for the owners isn't following closely. Consider court said rookies an free agents can't be locked out. If Judge Nelson grants an injunction that forces teams to do business with all 800+, then what? And does anyone believe that judge nelson would NOT rule in favor of the rookies and free agents? Having said all of that, look for a CBA agreement by the middle of next week, with league business to resume a week or so after that. I know you all will hold me to that timeline but remember, there is a difference b/n "informed opinion" and "fact". Mine: informed opinion.

I don't have his past track record in front of me, but from what I can recall Trotter has been spot on in most of his coverage and "opinions" on the lockout up to this point. His opinion also falls in line with many other informed media members on the timeline of a new deal being done.