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Jaguars Training Camp: Oklahoma Grudge Match

The Jacksonville Jaguars went out on the practice field last night in full pads for the first time in front of roughly 3,700 Jaguars fans. It was the biggest crowd so far for camp, as it was the fan favorite Oklahoma drill night. The Oklahoma drill is the ultimate one on one match up in football.

The Jaguars setup some matches featuring rookies and second year players. It also featured a "grudge match" between defensive end Austen Lane and right tackle Eben Britton. "The Oklahoma Drill has become a crowd favorite over the years," head coach Jack Del Rio told reporters after practice. "Our guys get excited. They see the crowd out here, and they know what's coming. They know we're going to have a physical football team. This is the beginning of it."

The first match up pitted second year defensive tackle Tyson Alualu against third round pick Will Rackley. The match up didn't turn out too well for Rackley. Alualu just bulldozed Rackley back on each attempt, taking all 3 tries with relative ease. Rackley played left tackle at Lehigh, and I'm not sure if he played a power player quite like Alualu while he was there.

The next match up was between veteran guard Uche Nwaneri and second year player D'Anthony Smith, who missed all of last season with a ruptured Achilles tendon. This match went much like the first one, except Smith was dominated by Nwaneri in all three tries. Smith is more of a finesse defensive tackle, but Nwaneri just gobbled him up and shut him down.

The next match up was between tight end Zach Miller and undrafted rookie linebacker Scott Lutrus, who the team really seems to like. Unlike the other match ups, the rookie got the better of the veteran. Lutrus was able to drive Miller backwards in each attempt, bottling up the running back.

Next up was veteran C.J. Mosely against second year center John Estes. It didn't go over too well for Estes. While center's aren't often asked to single block defensive tackles, the veteran just moved Estes backwards in each attempt.

Match up number five was between second year pass rusher Larry Hart, who in my opinion looks overweight and out of shape (more on that later), against second year offensive tackle Daniel Baldridge, who I'm pretty sure is bigger than the Modis building. Hart gives up about 60-80 pounds and some significant height to Baldridge and it showed. This drill isn't really suited for guys like Hart, and Baldridge just bulldozed him backwards each time.

Undrafted rookie Marc Schiechl had an impressive showing against second year offensive lineman Kevin Haslam, showing a nice stack and shed ability. Schiechl looked more stout, power-wise, than I expected him to be. He looks more like Del Rio's infamous "DPR" role, but he showed some nice power.

In the final match, the grudge match between defensive end Austen Lane and offensive lineman Eben Britton, who got in a scuffle in Saturday night's practice, didn't go so well for Britton. On the very first attempt, Lane got into Britton and literally just tossed him aside to get to the running back. Britton got the better of Lane on the next trip, but on the final one Lane once again blew past Britton to win the final tilt and the crowd went nuts. Lane does look noticeable quicker this year in camp, and he might be a bit bigger too.