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Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup

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Let's take a spin around the internet to see what folks are saying about the Jacksonville Jaguars.


Feeling good - Jaguars news on
It wasn’t a hit, exactly, and Maurice Jones-Drew later called it a "thud." No matter the definition, he liked it. The hit, thud or whatever came Saturday in the two-time Pro Bowl running back’s first practice of the 2011 season. It was enough to feel like real football contact, and Jones-Drew said Jaguars Head Coach Jack Del Rio didn’t much care for it.


Looking for improvement - Jaguars news on
Blaine Gabbert said he wants to see more this week than he did last. Gabbert, the Jaguars’ rookie quarterback, said that’s true whether or not he starts, and it actually will be true whatever his situation.

Jaguars CB Rashean Mathis: 'I can't be average' |

During the first five years of his career, one of Rashean Mathis’ relatives made him folders filled with press clippings about him.  He has one from each of those five years but he’s never really read through the clippings. He will read them someday when his career is over, when he has a chance to exhale, as he put it. 

Jaguars defense has a good night in Sunday padded practice |

The Jaguars had one of their more intense padded practices Sunday night with plenty of 11-on-11 drills. They are just a few days away from a joint practice with the Atlanta Falcons on Wednesday. Defense had a good night, which doesn't necessarily mean offense had a bad night.

Jaguars Notebook: Maurice Jones-Drew says he has no pain in knee |

Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew provided an upbeat report on the condition of his surgically repaired right knee Sunday after practicing in team drills Saturday night. "I got to practice with the team the whole time, which was awesome. No swelling. No nothing. Everything is great, and I think that is a positive step in where we need to go," he said.