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Settling the Jaguars Offensive Line

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The Jacksonville Jaguars offensive line is in a weird state right now. Longtime offensive guard Vince Manuwai was released a few weeks ago, but his replacement hasn't been settled yet. Rookie guard Will Rackleyseems to be the leader in the clubhouse. Rackley dislocated a finger recently in practice, but as an offensive lineman he should be fine. There's currently two positions up for grabs on the offensive, one because of the loss of Manuwai and the other because Eben Britton can't seem to get on the field.

The left guard position, as mentioned is a competition between rookie Will Rackley and newly signed veteran Jason Spitz. Rackley is currently the leader at that position and I'd expect him to win the job. The real interesting competition is going to be at the right tackle position. Most counted on the return of Eben Britton help solidifying a shaky pass protection group from 2010. Britton came back into camp, but struggled in pass protection. Even in his rookie year, pass protection wasn't Britton's strength. Newly signed offensive lineman Tony Mollis going to push Britton for his job at right tackle, and it will be hard for Britton to win it being on the bench with a back injury.

We know David Garrard's back is a disc issue, as Garrard let that information out recent. Britton's injury, which has kept him out of practice nearly over a week, is much more hush hush. Even though Britton is suspect in the passing game, he's still the best candidate for right tackle at this time, and the Jaguars need him on the field.