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Zach Miller Out At Least Two Weeks

Jacksonville Jaguars tight end Zach Miller missed the joint practice with the Atlanta Falcons tonight due to a knee injury. According to Mark Long of the AP, the team told reporters after practice that Miller would be out at least the next two weeks. Miller was a 5th round pick in the 2009 NFL draft and was project receiving tight end, making the transition from college quarterback to tight end. Miller has struggled with injuries in his short three year career, with this knee injury making his fourth.

Miller has been active for all but three games in his career, but he's dealt with lots of nagging injuries that have severely limited his play. He has 41 catches in that two year span, but the team has high hopes for him to be a Dallas Clark "type" of tight end, who can create match up problems. The only match up problem Miller seems to be creating however, is with his health.

In some other injury related news, the Jaguars will be without tackle Eben Britton (back), tight end Zach Miller (knee), runningback Rashad Jennings (concussion), safety Chris Prosinski (hamstring), linebacker Jacob Cutrera (concussion), corner T.J. Heath, corner Jalil Johnson, and linebacker Clint Session (concussion).