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Report: Blaine Gilbert could win Jaguars QB job. ...wait, what?


According to Mike Rutsey the Toronto Sun, Jacksonville Jaguars rookie quarterback Blaine Gilbert could win the starting position. I guess up in Canada, they don't have proofreaders. Or editors. C'mon guys, it's a top 10 selection at the quarterback position. Blaine Gilbert? Really?

My favorite dig however, is the "We've got a race going on in Jacksonville and it isn't NASCAR related," line. You know, since Jacksonville is known for... NASCAR racing? Hey Canada, the NASCAR track is in Daytona... about 2 hours south. You know, the town that hosts the "DAYTONA 500" NASCAR race?

In related news, it looks like along with Blaine Gilbert making a push for the job, veterans Luke McGowen and David Jerrard are also making a strong push for playing time. No word on where Blaine Gabbert stands in the quarterback battle however. Guess we'll just have to hope Gilbert doesn't steal all of his snaps against the Atlanta Falcons.

/ignorant jokes about Canada

Hat tip to Joe.