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Jaguars Dawan Landry: "I was whatever Ed (Reed) didn't want to play."

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One of the big signings the Jacksonville Jaguars grabbed in free agency was former Baltimore Ravens safety Dawan Landry. Obviously, safety was a giant hole in the Jaguars defense last year, so it was a known need heading into the off-season. Most Jaguars fans were clamoring for top rated safety Eric Weddle, but the rumors of the Jaguars interest in Dawan Landry floated out even while they were supposedly courting Weddle. Reports surfaced that the Jaguars inquired about Weddle, but once they heard his asking price moved on. They never made a formal contract offer, but instead focused their sights on Landry.

"Wherever the coaches put me. I just want to play," Landry told reporters after practice on Sunday. Landry was asked if he played free safety or strong safety with the Ravens, "I played wherever Ed (Reed) didn't want to play. Ed just told me where to go."

I expect Landry to play both safety positions with the Jaguars, like he did with the Ravens. Currently, the Jaguars have Michael Hamlin (who's had a solid camp) running at strong safety and rookie Chris Prosinski at free with the first team defense. Last year's starter at strong safety, Courtney Greene, still can't practice until August 4th because of the terms of the new CBA. As it stands, I expect Landry and Greene to be the Jaguars starting safeties.

Landry expects to call the plays for the secondary on the Jaguars defense, which is loaded with some new faces. "Not being younger guys, we've kind of been around the game a little while and that will help," Landry said. "We just have to get in the (play)book and just get around each other and talk it up," he added.

"I just like the foundation they're building around here," Landry said of Jacksonville. "The team's on the up and up just trying to get over the hump to get back to the playoffs. I want to be part of that."