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Jaguars Still $34 Million Under the Cap?

According to Pro Football Talk, the Jacksonville Jaguars are one of a handfull of teams that still have over $20 million in cap room. As it stands, even after free agency, the Jaguars apparently are still $34 million under the cap.

It remains widely believed by fans and some in the media that the mandatory minimum cash spend of 89 percent under the new labor deal immediately applies. It doesn't.

While the league as a whole must spend cash in 2011 that equates to 99 percent of the cap, there's no minimum requirement for each team until 2013. Thus, neither the Bengals nor any other specific team is required to spend another dime - as long as all 32 teams cuts checks this year that equal at least $3.814 billion.

 Even with the Jaguars poised to come to a long term deal with tight end Marcedes Lewis, that most believe will feature around $15 million guaranteed, it looks like the Jaguars will still be well under the cap, setting them up well for next season.