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Fantasy Football 2011: Who's the best fantasy option on the Jaguars?

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Many fans thought the Jacksonville Jaguars should target a wide receiver in free agency to help out their offense, but the truth of the matter is, they like the guys they have currently. Bearing that in mind... who's the best fantasy football option for the Jaguars?

At quarterback, David Garrard right now looks to be the starter, but he's also a frustrating fantasy football option. Game to game, his statistic vary from no touchdowns to putting up four touchdowns. I can't imagine having Garrard as my fantasy starting quarterback for that alone. I'm not fantasy expect, but I'd expect Garrard would be best fit as a secondary quarterback in fantasy football teams as a spot player for injuries and bye weeks.

At the running back position, the Jaguars have one of the bigger fantasy stars in Maurice Jones-Drew, but with his knee injury some are weary of taking him high. I would be too, especially since his touchdowns took a significant hit in 2010. Behind Jones-Drew however, is one of the best hand cuff running backs in Rashad Jennings and might even be a good third running back in 20-team leagues where you're starved for depth. I do expect his carries to go up a bit.

At wide receiver, it's a real crap shoot for fantasy. Mike Thomas is a good secondary or third receiver to have, as he should garner a lot of looks, but Jason Hill could be a great sleeper pick in the late, late rounds. He can get down the football field, the only question is if the Jaguars quarterback can get to him.

Marcedes Lewis was a nice find for anyone who picked up last year, netting 10 receiving touchdowns. I'm not sure I expect Lewis to duplicate his touchdown figures, but he should me a solid fantasy option at tight end.

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