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Jaguars Training Camp: Gabbert and Morgan Standout

Camp 8/1/11
Camp 8/1/11

No my name is not Alfie Crow. No I am not your normal camp correspondent. But Alfie couldn't attend so I will do my best to fill his shoes.

The Jaguars took to the field for their second padded practice of training camp last night. Though nothing compares to the amount of people who showed up for the Oklahoma Drill, a nice crowd of over a thousand was on hand to see the Jaguars go to work.

One of the things I like to pay attention to in padded practices is the play of the offensive and defensive line. The big stand out here was last season's undrafted free agent DE Aaron Morgan. Morgan has shown up to camp in incredible shape. He shows burst and quick hand movement. Twice in a drill that featured just the d-line vs. the o-line, Morgan made his way to the QB with ease. And again in 11 on 11s, Morgan disrupted the pocket and flushed out Blaine Gabbert. I look forward to watching what he can do in the preseason.

Speaking of Blaine Gabbert, it wouldn't be a camp report without a rundown on the progress of the first round rookie QB. Gabbert continued to show off his big arm and quick release in several drills including a two minute drill and a goal line set. It is refreshing to watch a QB who can take a snap, scan the field and decide where he wants to go with the ball in a matter of seconds. Now, there is a bit of a downside to the quickness of Gabbert's decision making. Too often Gabbert can give up on a play and go running down the field. Fortunately Gabbert is relatively swift outside of the pocket but I would like to see him hang in there a little bit longer. This is something that can be taught and I think he will learn patience in time.

A few other quick notes:

- Larry Hart looked much better tonight than he had previously, strangely he was lined up at DT for a few reps.

- Zach Miller has been inconsistent catching the ball. One play he dropped an easy pass and followed it up with a one hand catch.

- Gabbert took a few reps with the first team in 11 on 11s. It resulted in one run, one incompletion and one short pass. 

- Rookie CB Rod Issac came very close to blocking a FG.

- Lane still looks good but I wasn't impressed by the play of Mincey. It should be interesting to see which of these two starts on opening day.

- The first team defense stuffed the offense on two run plays on the goal line.