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Free Agent Scouting Report: Jason Spitz

Some of the free agents the Jacksonville Jaguars signed in 2011 free agency we know about, like Clint Session. We saw him twice a year, as he was in the same division. Other guys, like offensive lineman Jason Spitz, we didn't get to see that often.

I asked Brandon from Acme Packing Company to give us a scouting report on Spitz.

Spitz was selected in the 3rd round of the 2006 draft and almost immediately became the starter at right guard, and remained the starter for the 2007 and 2008 seasons. But the Packers drafted Josh Sitton in 2008, who's arguably the best right guard in the NFL, and by 2009, Spitz had lost the starting job to Sitton. Spitz was moved to center for the 2009 season, and won the starting job in training camp, but a back injury handed it back to Scott Wells. Spitz was never given a shot to even compete for the starting job at either position in 2010. I'd read stories that he was still having troubles with his back, but he played so little in 2010 that I don't know whether he has any long-term health problems or not. Other than his back troubles in 2009, he's been relatively healthy throughout his career.

The Packers gave up on him because they didn't have a starting job to offer at either center or right guard. I would think his long-term future is better at center since that's what the coaches believed back in 2009, and where is listing him at the moment. He's not a mauler, and the Packers wanted to get bigger at the guard positions. He's a decent veteran who will do a good job for you, but I expected he'd get a backup roll in 2011, not a starting job.