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Zach Miller Likely Raises Marcedes Lewis' Price

Former Oakland Raiders tight end Zach Miller just signed a new contract in free agency with the Seattle Seahawks. Per Adam Schefter of ESPN via twitter:

Here's the Zach Miller contract with the Seahawks: 5 years, $34 million, including $17 million guaranteed.

I wasn't expecting Miller to land that kind of cash, but he's 25 years old and one of the better all-around tight ends in the NFL. Marcedes Lewis on the other hand, is better than Zach Miller. Most expected Lewis to net around $15 million guaranteed, and from the sounds of reports they were inching closer to a deal. With Miller's recent contract however, it looks like Lewis' price tag might have just gone up. Antonio Gates and Vernon Davis both signed contracts in 2010 with $20 million and $23 million guaranteed, respectively. I don't think Lewis will wind up with that much, but it might have just jumped up to the $18 million range.