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Free Agent RB Albert Young Heading to Jaguars

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According to runningback Albert Young's twitter, he's on a plane headed to Jacksonville. Jacksonville Jaguars runningback Deji Karim suffered a concussion in the game Friday and undrafted rooke Richard Murphy was also dinged up in the game. With Rashad Jennings coming back from a concussion suffered in the first preseason game and Maurice Jones-Drew's status still unknown recovering from his knee surgery... the Jaguars need a back.

Wheels up, destination Jacksonville! Time to punch that clock!

I'm not sure if Albert Young will make the final roster, but he's a bit of a "do-all" back. Young played college football at the University of Iowa and was originally signed by the Minnesota Vikings as an undrafted free agent in 2008 where he wound up on their practice squad. Young played in 10 games in 2009 and 3 games in 2010 before going on injured reserve. Young primarily was the 3rd down back and special teamer.