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Big Cat Fantasy Draft Results.

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So the Big Cat Country Fantasy League draft is in the books. Here's how the first round went:

Round 1
1. Adrian Peterson(Min - RB) Melroy Madness
2. Arian Foster(Hou - RB) Practice Squad
3. Chris Johnson(Ten - RB) Teal Curtain
4. Ray Rice(Bal - RB) The Dark Knightons
5. Maurice Jones-Drew(Jac - RB) God Awful Bad Team
6. Jamaal Charles(KC - RB) United Superstars
7. Steven Jackson(StL - RB) Bub's Bruisers
8. Andre Johnson(Hou - WR) Hurricane Harv
9. LeSean McCoy(Phi - RB) Blaine and Simple
10. Michael Turner(Atl - RB) Cromartie's Kids
11. Rashard Mendenhall(Pit - RB) Scobee Snacks
12. Aaron Rodgers(GB - QB) The Gabernacle
13. Darren McFadden(Oak - RB) Rapelisbergers
14. Michael Vick(Phi - QB) Iron Fist
15. Larry Fitzgerald(Ari - WR) Kooks
16. Frank Gore(SF - RB) Yo Gabba Gabbert

Who had the best value pick in Round 1?


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