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Jack Del Rio Wants More Effeciency Against Bills

Jacksonville Jaguarshead coach Jack Del Rio is looking for more efficiency this Saturday when the Jaguars travel to face the Buffalo Bills in their third preseason game. Last Friday had a mediocre showing from all of the Jaguars quarterbacks, sans Luke McCown.

Jaguars starting quarterback David Garrard didn't seem to agree with the assessment that both quarterbacks struggled last week. "Wow, that tells you people just look at numbers, and they don't look at the actual game film," Garrard told reporters. Head coach Jack Del Rio did watch the game film however, and he wasn't necessarily pleased with what he saw. "We have the same system, we have the same quarterback, we have the same players. We should expect to play at a higher level. I expect us to play at a higher level and now would be a good time," Del Rio said.

Realistically numbers wise, David Garrard wasn't all that bad completing 7 of 12 for 99 yards and an interception. Really, the interception is what drove his quarterback rating down to an abysmal 50.3. Without the interception, it would sky rocket to 85.1 which is about Garrard's career average. It wasn't necessarily the statistics Jack Del Rio wasn't very happy with, though.

"We need more efficiency offensively and certainly the trigger man plays a large role in that," said the head coach, as Del Rio will be looking for more of that efficiency against the Buffalo Bills. Del Rio was asked if Saturday could be seen as a "tune-up" game for Garrard. "I guess I look at that as our team is tuning up, it's not just David Garrard." Del Rio added, "It's not any one player. I think as a football team we need to begin to play as a team and play better football and have it all come together for us and with an eye on the opener, yes, no question."

Del Rio didn't seem to focus on Garrard's lone interception when talking about the offense being more effecient, though. "It's not just that one pass. That particular is just one example. There were many throughout the course of the game."

Del Rio added, "I don't want the ball turned over. We've got to make sure that we're doing things the right way, and if we're going to take shots down the field and they're not there, we need to check them down."

As Garrard said, it isn't about the stats. It's about the game film and head coach Jack Del Rio clearly wants to see more efficiency in that game film.