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Colts Sign Kerry Collins, Trouble For Manning?

The Indianapolis Colts have signed veteran quarterback Kerry Collins, according to Colts owner Jim Irsay via twitter.

We have agreed to terms with Kerry Collins...more details to come

I've said (mostly on twitter) that I'll believe Peyton Manning is in jeopardy of starting the regular season when someone else takes the Colts first snap on September 11th, because we've seen this before with Manning. The fact that the Colts went out and not only signed a veteran, but a veteran who can start in a pinch and win you a ball game to me is a sign that Manning could be in jeopardy for the season opener.

Manning had surgery on his neck in the offseason and has been rehabbing it during the lockout. He's yet to practice with the Colts and it's highly unlikely he takes a snap in the preseason. I'm still inclined to think he's out there week 1, but picking up a guy who can actually play for you, unlike the current crop of Colts back up QB's does raise an eyebrow.