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Jaguars QB Situation: Russian Roulette

I wrote earlier in the day that Jacksonville Jaguars starting quarterback David Garrard could slam the door shut on the talk of a quarterback competition with a good outing against the Buffalo Bills. Garrard had a rough outing, much worse than his outing against the Atlanta Falcons and left the door wide open again. Fortunately for Garrard, rookie quarterback Blaine Gabbert failed to walk through that door. Blaine Gabbert went three and out on his first drive which included a sack on the first play, an errant throw, then a drop by Armon Binns that would have been short of the first down even if it was caught.

In the first half, Garrard started the game with two 3-and-outs. One ended on Garrard taking a 9 yard sack when he had plenty of time to throw the ball, the other ended on him overthrowing Jason Hill to the sideline. Garrard did wind up with a rushing touchdown after break 3-4 tackles on a scramble. That drive however, was assisted by a 15-yard horse collar penalty and a long questionable pass interference call. Against the Buffalo Bills first team defense, David Garrard completed just 3 of 10 passes for 32 yards. Garrard had a nice drive with less that two minutes on the clock that lead to a field goal, but by then the Buffalo Bills had mostly their second team defense in the game. Garrard started the second half against the Bills second team defense and went down the field, once again assisted by a questionable pass interference call and Brock Bolen punched the ball into the endzone.

As I mentioned, Gabbert came into the game and immediately went 3-and-out. Gabbert's next drive looked much better however, going down the field quickly while connecting on a nice 22-yard pass to Dontrelle Inman and then connecting with runningback DuJuan Harris on an 11-yard touchdown pass. It looked like Gabbert was starting to get in a rhythm offensively, but went 3-and-out again on his next drive. On Gabbert's fourth driver, it ended on a bad interception with him rolling to his right and throwing on the run. I didn't look like anyone was open, and the kid just tried to force a pass in there.

Overall, just like the Falcons game both quarterbacks seemed to fall flat on their face.

So uh... Start Luke McCown?