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POLL: What was worse? Jaguars Offense vs. Defense

Welp, it's only preseason.
Welp, it's only preseason.

It's hard to get upset at any one area of the Jacksonville Jaguars in their match up with the Buffalo Bills in the third preseason game. So, which was worse... the first team offense or the first team defense?

Offense: The first team offense mustered just 12 total yards on their first three series. Not only that, but the Jaguars first team offense had three consecutive thee-and-outs. While David Garrard did have a long pass that was actually on target short armed by Jason Hill, he also over shot some other passes, took a sack to end a drive, and checked down on third and long. The passing game wasn't the only bad thing, the rushing attack was virtually nonexistent and the offensive line struggled with protection once again.

Defense: On the defensive side of the ball, the Jaguars were shredded by Bills quarterback Joe Montana Ryan Fitzpatrick and he connected on his first 10 pass attempts. He had two touchdown passes that were relatively easy. Fitzpatrick hit receiver Marcus Easley, a play in which safety Dawan Landry was late getting to. He also hit Stevie Johnson over the top of Rashean Mathis, who was burned in coverage. Fitzpatrick finally missed on his first pass of the game with under 4-minutes to go in the half.