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Jaguars vs. Bills: It wasn't ALL terrible

Now that the initial frustration from Saturday night's game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Buffalo Bills has subsided, not everything in the game was a trip on the fail boat to fail island. I watched the game again last night, knowing full well I would get frustrated again at the team's ineptness, but there were some positives that we can take from the game.


  • The wide receivers have been a concern for the Jaguars, but against the Buffalo Bills they were able to show the ability to separate from the Bills defenders. On one of David Garrard's deep passes, he actually put the ball right on the money to Jason Hill, but Hill short armed it. On the other deep passes from Garrard and Blaine Gabbert, while they fell incomplete, the receivers targeted were open. That's a big difference from a few weeks past.
  • The offensive line looked much better in pass protection than the past two weeks. The line only allowed two sacks, and if my memory serves me correctly, two of them were from the quarterbacks holding on to the football.
  • Matt Roth does a lot of little things that have a big impact, especially on running plays. Roth does an excellent job taking on pulling guards and blowing up stretch plays by getting into the backfield.
  • Courtney Greene continues to progress and bring the wood in run support.
  • DuJuan Harris continues to make himself a tough cut to make for the Jaguars.
  • Nate Collins has made a case to make this roster on the defensive tackle rotation the past few weeks, once again showing an ability to rush the passer from the interior.