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Time to cut bait and start the future

In my previous article I noted that I wasn’t panicking about the 2011 Jaguars season and that I still think they will find success. Mostly because, despite their obvious issues at quarterback, they don’t rely much on the passing game to find their way to victory.

And make no mistake about it, there are major concerns at the quarterback position. David Garrard is, at best, an above average quarterback, although I’d argue he’s been less than that in the last two seasons. While some would argue that a Super Bowl is possible with Garrard, I’m convinced that he’s simply not enough.

Even worse, he appears to be regressing in this preseason. Overreaction? Take a look at his stats and compare those to his previous preseasons.

Is Blaine Gabbert going to be enough to take the Jaguars deep in the playoffs this season? That’s probably doubtful considering he hasn’t done much to take what I see as a very vacant starting spot. But at the same time, he is a 21 year old rookie who will improve as the season goes on.

Actually looking at his game tape, the flaws of his game might be a bit overstated. Especially considering he’s a player that essentially missed an entire offseason of normal rookie procedures and has been relegated to mostly 2nd team offensive players around him in the last two games.

I’m not trying to defend Gabbert to the point where I’d be comfortable with him starting during the regular season, but what are the Jaguars accomplishing by continuing to start Garrard?

When a 33 year old quarterback is due $8 million the rule of thumb is that they’re usually in danger of getting released. If said quarterback has posted a 55% completion rate with no touchdowns and an interception in two games, then why is he still around?

At this point in time, the Jaguars will only be dragging their feet by keeping Garrard as their starter. Call it a vendetta or agenda against Garrard all you want, but the truth is I think it would be in the best interest of the team to put the quarterback competition and controversy to rest for good by starting the future now rather than later.

Now here’s the craziest part. Not only do I want the Jaguars to cut bait and start fresh with Blaine Gabbert, I actually think they will.