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Jaguars Jones-Drew Ready To Play

Jacksonville Jaguars star runningback Maurice Jones-Drew has yet to play a down in the preseason. He's practiced, albeit sparingly and in a limited fashion, but it looks like it's very possible he will play on Thursday against the St. Louis Rams. "I haven't heard anything yet, but if that's the case, I'm ready to roll," Jones-Drew told the media on Monday.

Most fans think Jones-Drew will be the key to a Jaguars offense that's sputtered to get out of first gear. "Where do you get that from? I think you wrote that," Jones-Drew quipped when asked if he was the savior of the offense. "You might think that, I don't think that at all." The reality is, Jones-Drew might not be the savior of the offense, but he's expected to... well save the offense.

"We've got some things to work on, that's what the preseason is for, is to work on them. Just make sure you improve each week," added Jones-Drew. While it's true, the final score of a game in the preseason is completely irrelevant, the match ups between the units and their effectiveness is. As Jones-Drew says "Just make sure you improve each week." That's the problem, however... the Jaguars offense has been stagnant as stagnant can be. It hasn't really improved from week to week... it may have gotten progressively worse.

"Granted, it didn't look good against Buffalo in the first couple of drives, but we got things together," said Jones-Drew. Sure, Mike Carey got things together with some questionable pass interference calls, but none the less, the team was able to capitalize and get some points in the redzone.

"We don't need you guys to talk about all the negative stuff. We need you guys to stay positive once again," said Maurice. Shockingly, he didn't say it's just the preseason... but it's hard not to talk about all the negative stuff, when it severly outweighs the positive stuff.

Jones-Drew return Thursday, if he plays, won't really help much in that game, but as long as he's ready to go week 1 against the Tennessee Titans it should help. How much will it help a struggling offense?

That remains to be seen.